Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dishgardens and European Dish Gardens

A dish garden is typically a basket or container with an arrangement of a variety of indoor green houseplants in it.  They are a great gift for a plant lover or for sympathy. The plants are arranged in the container in their own individual pots so they can be split apart later on and moved into larger pots or taken to different homes.

European Dishgardens are baskets or containers of plants arranged in the same way as dishgardens, the only difference is that European Dish Gardens include a mixture of green and blooming plants.
The blooming plants add pops of color and give the garden a more "outdoor" feel to it.

Dishgardens and European Dish Gardens are a great gift for any occasion, they are a plant lovers dream and last longer than fresh cut flowers. They can be made up in just about any price range you desire.

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