Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A few of our Favorite Weddings

Love is in the air, the wedding season is about to begin. We love making bridal bouquets and wedding flowers here. We typically do one to two weddings a weekend, I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of my favorite bridal bouquets from last year.

If you are getting married this spring or fall, please give us a call or email, we would love to offer you a free wedding consulation for your flowers.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sending Sympathy Flowers~

Flowers are a lovely way to show your condolences to someone you care for in times of loss.
It is a wonderful gesture to have flowers sent to the memorial service for the deceased, flowers warm up the room and bring life and color to the time of mourning.
The flowers at funeral services represent how much the deceased was loved, admired and respected by others.
There are all different types of floral displays that are appropriate to send to funeral services.
Traditional floral bouquets are usually in a vase, pot or basket, generally arranged all the the front and taller. Here are some examples of some traditional floral bouquets we have arranged in the past.

Floral displays arranged on a standing easel are also a popular way to send floral bouquets to funeral services. It makes the arrangement look large and showy and can easily stand up at front of viewing area at the funeral service.
Easel bouquets can also be arranged on wreath forms, in the shapes of circles, squares and hearts.
Here are a couple examples of some of our easel designs.

Casket sprays are generally ordered by the immediate family and adorn the top of the casket at a funeral. Here is a recent one we did.

Smaller bouquets are also perfectly appropriate for funerals, or bouquets designed in lower containers. Simple vases of mixed flowers are a nice sentiment and can easily be taken home by a family member to enjoy.
Here is a mercury glass centerpiece bowl with an arrangement or red roses done for a recent funeral.
Regardless of budget or size, flowers are always a heartfelt sentiment for family members of a lost loved one. For more sympathy designers visit our website:


Thursday, February 28, 2013

$5 Fridays!

About a year ago we started a new special on Fridays. We call it $5 Friday.
What is it? Well, every Friday we offer a different pre-wrapped bouquet of fresh cut flowers that are available for carry out purchase for just $5. We are open 8 am until 5:30 pm on Fridays, the bouquets are available at 8am until supplies last (usually all day).
The bouquets are typically longer lasting flowers such as daisies, carnations, alstromeria, greenery and filler flowers wrapped together in a decorative sleeve. The flower colors and bouquet themes are different each week.
Here are some picutres from previous weeks.

There is no limit on the quantity of bouquets you can purchase. Stop in Friday and treat yourself or someone else :)

Note*** We usually update Facebook Friday mornings with a picture of this weeks bouquet, "Like" our page and you will be able to see the different bouquets each Friday.

Dishgardens and European Dish Gardens

A dish garden is typically a basket or container with an arrangement of a variety of indoor green houseplants in it.  They are a great gift for a plant lover or for sympathy. The plants are arranged in the container in their own individual pots so they can be split apart later on and moved into larger pots or taken to different homes.

European Dishgardens are baskets or containers of plants arranged in the same way as dishgardens, the only difference is that European Dish Gardens include a mixture of green and blooming plants.
The blooming plants add pops of color and give the garden a more "outdoor" feel to it.

Dishgardens and European Dish Gardens are a great gift for any occasion, they are a plant lovers dream and last longer than fresh cut flowers. They can be made up in just about any price range you desire.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Think Pink!

This August I had a couple different weddings that were in the softer pink, blush family.

One was a smaller wedding on the beach which we used pale pink and white roses, white stock and white alstromeria for the bridal bouquet.

It was simple yet elegant and smelled wonderful!

Another bride chose light and dark shades of pink garden roses along with green hydrangea blossoms for a simple, chic, garden feel for her bouquet. The bridesmaids also carried smaller versions of the bridal bouquet. Garden roses are great because they are available when peonies are not and have a very similar size and shape to them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flowers Sent in Sympathy

When someone you are close to passes away or looses someone they hold very dear to them, it can be very difficult to express your condolences through words alone.

That is why the long standing tradition of sending flowers and plants to funeral services or to the homes of loved ones has become so popular. Flowers say it best when you do not have the words to express your grief.

Oftentimes people can get a bit confused as to what is appropriate to send to the funeral service or to someones home in this situation, so I will give you a few tips to keep in mind when ordering sympathy flowers.

For the service, the flowers should be delivered to wherever the visitation or wake is taking place. If the funeral service or mass is at a different location afterwards the funeral directors will be sure to get your arrangement there also.

The casket spray or larger arrangement to encompass the urn in the instance of a cremation are generally ordered by immediate family, what you want to send would be something smaller to add to the display at the service.

Your budget greatly depends on what style of bouquet will be best to send. For larger arrangements, sprays done on an easel are always lovely, they stand up and can be easily seen at the service, as well as the traditional funeral spray or basket of flowers. These types of displays are most commonly sent by businesses or family members.

For a more average budget we generally suggest a lovely vase of flowers, a house plant, or a dish garden or European basket of blooming and green plants. These arrangements are very nice because a family member can also take them home easily to enjoy, and in the case of a plant, keep for years to come in remembrance of the deceased.

If you are sending flowers to the home of a family member or friend who has recently lost someone, you would not want to send a traditional funeral spray or large basket that will be too difficult to display in the house.

The best option is a plant, dish garden, European garden, vase of flowers in a modest size or a lovely centerpiece. These items can be displayed in the home but still express to your loved one how you care for them.

Why are flowers so important at a funeral service?

The main reason is to memorialize and pay tribute to the deceased, to display to them how much you cared and that they will be deeply missed.

Another reason the flowers are so important to have at the service is to help sympathise with the family members that have lost the person. They may be walking into the service wondering if there will be any flowers, if anyone cared or remembers their loved one. If they come into the service seeing an outpouring of love and remembrance in the form of flowers they will know they are not alone in grieving the loss of their loved on. The flower displays can be very touching.